A Bit About Me.

Hi my name is Brigit Johnson, I am a Special Education major at The University of South Alabama. I am a girl scout troop mom and I love to travel. I look forward to having my own classroom and working with my students. I plan to bring fun to education so the students in enjoy learning. I have a positive attitude that I want to share with my students so the can see the importance of education and acheive great success.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You Are Not Alone

Two people holding hands and it is written on their arms you are not alone. As a new teacher it can be very overwhelming trying to figure out how to get in the grove of things. You may know all the protocol for what needs to be done, but actually being in the classroom is different and can be scary. It is good to know that you have help and support and it is OK to ask for help. All teachers have to start out the same way trying to figure out how to reach the students and not pull out their hair.

The excitement of finally being through with school and the knot in your stomach when all the kids finally arrive in the class the first day is is all part of being a new teacher. Make sure you voice your concerns and be willing to listen to the more seasoned teachers on how to deal with matters. The first year of teaching can be an exciting roller coaster so hold on and enjoy the ride. Here is a great website with tips and ideas to make your first year a success.

Free Teaching Resources

Thursday, October 8, 2009


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Trying anything for the first time can be a scary experience. But you can not let that fear over take you and cause you to back out of a dream. Going back to school for Special Education was a transition that I thought would take a lot out of me but The University of South Alabama made the jump back into education painless and simple. From the admission process to registration they handled every step with professionalism and grace.
As an adult who has worked different jobs but never had a career I realized it was time for change. I contacted the university and the magic began. I am so glad that I choose The University South Alabama and I advise all my friends considering going back to school to contact an adviser and see what I have found out for myself how great my life now is because I decided to take the plunge.

How Can I Make A Difference?

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Teachers plant seed of knowledge everyday. Sometimes teachers may have the feeling that their tiring efforts are in vain. We all have a part to play in child's life. Knowing that your interaction with this young impressionable mind, can make you feel how can I make a difference? It is important that we realize every positive contact we make with a child leaves a lasting experience that will impact that child's life forever. We may not see the difference but later in the future the child will remember and reflect on how you made a change in environment for the better.
So many children face life decisions that we could not even imagine. It is a world of uncertainty and sometimes instability. The need for positive reinforcement is a must and every moment that a child gets to see a world of hope is a chance for them to learn how they can make a difference as youth. The minds we feed today make up the generation of tomorrow

Learn More Give More

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As an educator we must never stop learning and growing. The classroom should be a place for not just students but teachers to continue to learn new and exciting techniques to keep their classroom alive. There are many workshops and seminars that help build on the teaching foundation that educators already have and keep them ahead and involved with technology. Many schools offer funding for these workshops and often have them in the area were the teachers live so they do not have to worry about trying to go out of town.
When ever we feel that we have nothing left to learn, we become stuck and that effect the growth and development of the student. I always want to be teacher that is not afraid to keeping learning so that my students can benefit and have great success. Students learn from teachers, teachers learn from students and together they can conquer the world.

Computers Used In Special Education

a computer smiling while holding a disk.
When I started working with computers I knew they had a lot to offer. I did not realize how many features that computers have for individuals with special needs. As a Special Education teacher I am glad to know that my students can access all the technology that a student in traditional classroom has.
There are programs that talk to the students if they seeing impaired and closed caption is also available online for the hearing impaired. Even if my student can not use his or her hand they can speak to the computer and the computer will type a paper for them and do the research. I now that teaching children with exceptional needs is going to be a challenge but I am so happy that I can provide memorable classroom experiences with these wonderful tools. Apple.com has a great website with many products and programs for special need children and adults.